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 Introduction - A lifetime study of nearly 50 years being passed on free to enable the readers to breed better thoroughbred racehorses or select race winners at the sales.
Thoroughbred Sales Selections - Covering my selections, 
Plus you can view a list of 10 horses with a total purchase price of  $263,000 selected in sales that have won prize money of over $3,184,000 by the end of the 2019 season.

Thoroughbred Mare- Mating - Articles on how to breed good racehorse’s, plus information on how to upgrade your mare with studying the genetic makeup of successful racehorses and applying them to stallion mating.
Investing In A Racehorse - These articles show ways of making money by purchasing racehorses. and either reselling or racing them for a profit.
Items of
interest This covers items that I find of interest, hope you do as well.
Thoroughbred Articles - On BONECRUSHER and OARSMAN  their breeder the late BILL PUNCH , 
and IL TEMPO, NZ,s greatest stayer. plus PHAR LAP.s pedigree Analysis and racing history.
Thoroughbred Nicks- How can we be sure that the stallion over a broodmare stallion is a nick.
CAPTAIN RIO and FALKIRK analyzed, plus the breakdown of the famous broodmare
Double of Danehill - Or any other stallion, should we do it?
Breeding Forum - an open forum discussing how good horses are bred by interaction on Facebook with a list of Group one winners seven generation pedigree's that appear in this.
Mendel’s Law Relating to Thoroughbreds – The answer to peoples statement “he was a champion racehorse but his full brother was useless”. Plus covering DANEHILL and his siblings. 
Sire lines and Family numbers  plus article on Prince Of Penzance and can a New Zealand bred win another Melbourne Cup.
Stallions at Stud NZ - The list available of stallions believed to be at stud for season 2019 in New Zealand. click on the stallions name to go directly to his website if applicable.
Stallions at Stud AU - The list available of stallions believed to be at stud for season 2019 in Australia. Just click on the stallions name to go directly to his website, if applicable.
Pricing - This shows my charges for matings and sales selections.

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