Only one stallion standing commercial in New Zealand 2018 is not from the Phalaris line born 1915 just over 100 years ago of these.
over 2/3rds are from the Northern Dancer and over 20% are from the Danehill line.
  We started with 3 sires and now we seem to be down to one in 95% of all thoroughbreds,
 The Darley Arabian born 1700, but we don't have to go back that far as in NZ
 62 from Northern Dancer Born 1961 just under 60 years ago this includes
 25 Sire lines of Danzig of which 20 are Danehill plus 12 are from Sadlers Wells and 25 others

1 Vadamos is not from Phalaris but from the Blandford born 1919 line.

CENTAINE our previous leading broodmare sire was NOT from the Phalaris line, he goes to Ksar 1918, I believe this shows we are inbreeding too much and need stallions more like Vadamos, also in New Zealand there's never been a stallion who comes from the Northern Dancer line that became the leading broodmare sire.

It is stated that five generations back on a pedigree that there is only 3% of an animals DNA, yet the 64 chromosomes some state, may carry millions of base pairs of DNA, however, these will be getting fairly similar as almost all of the world’s half a million thoroughbreds were from descendants of 100 foundation original mares listed in the first general sire's book published in 1693 and by 1791 it was revised to 74 and just over 100 more years in 1897 it was researched to find only 37 families had survived with recent research indicates it’s now below 30 families.

ANABANDANA had a genetic makeup of 31% Northern Dancer and 13% of Riverman, is this starting to get too inbred ? as this is nearly half the pedigree with just 2 stallions in  Anabandana’s pedigree, is this as far as we should go? I believe that it is. She was only able to start 12 times before retirement. What I believe is that we need is to outbreed NOW.


were created by Mr Bruce Lowe, up until then they were known as descending from in the case of no 1 family, Tregonwell’s Natural Barb Mare and no 2 family, Burton Barb Mare and so on.
 The numbers were based on how many classic winners there were up to the end of 1800,s      as long as they all traced back to the British Stud Book. With the number 1 family having the most classic winners descending down to no 47 with the least.

This was increased to 50 by a gentleman named Herman Goos, then Captain Kazimierz Bobinski increased it to 74 in 1953 plus he added the colonials from Australasia and the Native American lines, with the prefix C standing for Colonial and Am as, in the case of Vespa meaning American Native, this was brought about due to a lot of records being lost during the American Revolution and Civil wars.

Research shows Vespa whose A4 traces back to a mare named Fanny Maria born around 1820.
 In this family is Swaps winner of the Kentucky Derby, El Hermano a
nd Green Desert who was the sire of Volksraad plus the Grandsire of Charm Spirit, Power and Showcasing.

the colonial stallion NZ has is Tavaci from the C7 family.

of the above  104 commercial stallions shown on this website as standing in New Zealand for the season 2018 they descend from only 21 families, these are represented by No 1 to No 22 with the exceptions of numbers 15, 17, and 21. Then we have no 27 (El Roca) and no 34 (Sacred Falls)                                   

It took 14 years for NZ to claim 2 Melbourne Cups yet over the previous 27 years NZ was averaging every second one, analyzing Prince Of Penzance whose sire and dam sire is from the  Phalaris line. He is line bred to Blenheim 7M,7F x 7F and Native Dancer 6F x 4M,6M, but you would find a lot of winning horses that would have this linebreeding, So what does this pedigree show for this horse to win at 3200m? .This pedigree carries a double of the sire Stymie a winner over 18 and 20 Furlongs and very tough, starting 131 times for 35 wins and earning the title of the highest stakes-earner in American history at that time $918K, He became an inductee in 1975 to the National Museum of Racing Hall of Fame. He was inbred to the stallion Man'O'War, this horse is a great advert for people who believe in inbreeding, of which I am not one but you can’t argue that Stymie wasn't a champion.
The 7th dam of Prince of Penzance, Nafah is inbred to Zariba including her tail line whose second dam is Fairy Gold the dam of Fair Play the sire of Man 'O'War.
  Stymie never became a sire of sires and has nearly disappeared, however, I believe he had a big influence in the makeup of Sunday Silence and hence in another Melbourne Cup winner Delta Blues.  just look at a seven-generation on these 2 horses and see how many War Admirals you get, his sire is (Man'O'War). The pedigree of Prince of Penzance is unique due to the tail female line going directly to Fairy Gold, therefore it would be hard to duplicate. This also shows that quantity overcomes distance to get a good horse.

 this year we had another winner Verry Elleegant also from the Phalaris line and you ask how could that be it steams from the 3rd dam Chalet Girl who carries a son of the Star Kingdom line, you may think this is a sprinting family but he was the sire line of Yobro that won the 1997 Auckland Cup ,  The second dams sire is  Pieces of Eight who is by the Man O War line the 3rd dam sire is  Klarion who is by the Ksar line and the 4th dam sire  Supreme Court who is by the Hurry On line, so you  can see it is full of other lines than Phalaris  and I believe that's why she could win at 2 miles.she is also bred to the mares Special and Flower Bowl through sons and daughters and both these mares come from the Gainsboroigh Sire line. it has nothing to do with the colts breeding of Danehill or the 2 dams Cotehele House.

 New Zealand seems to have gone away from standing the sires to produce 3200-metre horses, Monsun (Germany) the sire of the 2013, 2014 and 2016 cups FiorenteProtectionist and Almandin who is mostly a sire of stayers, yet Fiorente won the group 2 1600m John Feehan stakes. This sire line goes through, Tamerlane, Persian Gulf and Bahram, to Blandford born 1919. NZ has for the 2018 season this sire line through Vadamos available and the horse that ran second three times,
Red Cadeaux by Cadeaux Genereux a sire of mostly sprinters. This sire line goes through, Tudor Minstrel, Owen Tudor and Hyperion to Gainsborough born 1915.
If we view the pedigree of Who shot thebarman (placed third in 2014), and winner of the  2018 Sydney cup 3200m was interesting to note, his sire line is by Phalaris and yet his dam sire Carolingian and third dam sire Nobel Bijou are both direct descendants of Gainsborough.  This shows you have to consider all of the pedigree if you are going to breed this way. Soon all our broodmare sires will carry the Phalaris line and unless the pedigree carries a double up of a staying stallion as in the case of Prince of Penzance this will cause problems.
Australia stands 2 winners of the cup, Fiorente by Monsun as mentioned above and American from the Phalaris line and New Zealand stands Shocking also from the Phalaris line.
Even though N.Z are still breeding good horses at the moment they will lose all stoutness, this doesn’t mean running 3200m, but it stands for a horse being capable of withstanding the rigours of training and long racing career, I am noticing even now, that horses are having fewer starts, plus a lot of early retirements or horses spending a lot of time off the scene due to soundness problems. It can only get worse if we don’t bring in new lines. There will be all this Northern Dancer blood, Sire of Danzig, Danehill and others in the future mares, which is much too high a percentage. I believe this will create horses which have an unstable central nervous system, poor temperament issues, bad joints, bleeding, broken-wind,(gone in the wind) and premature death, etc. 

The accelerating shift of sire lines, it stated 95% of all stallions now come direct from the Phalaris line which I had preached on my web site that this will not help bred staying horses, in New Zealand we have out of 104 stallions only one that is not from this line namely Vadamos that less that’s 1% and looking at Australia they have 97% from the Phalaris line.
The exceptions are, Love Conquers All from the Rose Prince Line and I believe unless he has a son good enough to go to stud this sire line will be extinct from the whole world.
the 2 sons of Sequalo Spirit Of Boom and the non-commercial Agitate, then the 4 Star Kingdom lines Toorak Toff, the aged Dutch Harry, Curata Storm and Sea Zulu who all come from the Gainsborough Line then you have Fiorente and Arooba Gold from the Blandford Line
to finish with Dream Ahead and Office Bearer from the Man O War line and finally Wicked Intent from Sting 1921, so you can see unless Spirit of Boom, Fiorente, Dream Ahead and as mentioned Love Conquers All ,have a good enough colt to stand at stud these lines will be lost as well which I believe doesn’t hold well to bred stayers.