Noticed in the Saturday’s Herald 19th October 2014 under investment, there were 5 listed and one read Racehorses, it stated.' Buying a racehorse outright is out of the reach of most people but racing syndicates allow investors to own a share in one. From a few thousand dollars, you can buy a 5 per cent stake in a horse, which then gives you a share of its winnings. But you’ll also have to pay your share to house, feed, train and care for the horse. It costs about $32,000 a year to race a horse, so you can expect to pay about $140 a month for each 5 per cent share you have. Whether the winnings cover the outgoings depends entirely on the horse. Check out reputable syndication organizations such as Te Akau or Fortuna. (end of the article)
I dispute this article, especially when I can select a very good horse and buy outright for a few thousand dollars like my own horse, Somethingvain that I brought for $1,000, Winner of 6 races so far for $150,000 in stakes with a G2 second, nor did the item mention, Ballymore Stables, Go Racing, Rogerson Bloodstock or the fact that a lot of trainers will purchase a horse to syndicate to clients or others.

Another way is to invest in racehorses like Pin Hooking. you may need some advice to get this right.
As analyzing the 2015 Gold Coast Yearling sale, it was reported that 44 horses sold that were purchased in the weanlings sales for this purpose, the report did not say how many more did not reach their reserve, also with the possibility of damaging their tendons or suffering illness, there may have been more that did not make the sale. However there were profits of 2 x $200K on purchase prices of $200K and $140K, 1 x $150K on a purchase price of $450K and the next 10 averaged $95K profit. On the other side of the ledger, one horse sold for over $100K less than the weanling purchase price, 10 more for less than they paid, 10 more that would have broken even and the other 10 returned a profit of 10K to 40K, with 2 of these were purchased for $290K and $105K.
If you wish to become one contact me, as I can select horses to Pin Hook way under these prices. You can check out some of the horses under my sale selections, that was purchased for this purpose and resold.   

Or purchase a horse and select a trainer who has good contacts overseas and if the horse can win a trial, better still a race, the horse can be sold to Singapore or Hong Kong again at a good profit.                                                                                                                                                    
Or buy a horse and get 3 mates to put in $10k each and you would own 25% each, not 5% as mentioned in the above article, this would cover a purchase price of up to $20k and costs up to racing stage if the horse was a 2yo type and able to carry on in its first prep, if not you would need approx $20 each a day to cover expenses if you select a competitively priced trainer. You may end up like my friend Chris Grace, he was offered $250,000 for Anabandana before she won a race, however, he turned it down and she went on to win $392,000 in stakes and he got lots of thrills, before being sold as a broodmare for A$720,000 so a return of over $1 million dollars,
less expenses for an outlay of A$26,000 in a weanling sale on my advice.                                                                                                
If you had of contracted me for the 2014 Inglis Classic yearling sale at a cost of $2410 you would have been advised to buy my top pick. Lot 380 that sold for $25K, now named Odyssey Moon, the second top-rated Australian 2YO 2015 that was sold at any sale in Australasia last year. he ended his racing career winning close to $750,000 he now stands at stud commanding a stud fee of $8,800


For each sale, I can be contracted by one client only and I will give you a list of up to 5 horses ranked in order of preference, I say up to 5 as sometimes I can only find 2 or 3 that fit my selection process and we also have to allow for Mendel’s law and withdrawals, that’s why I can get down to one selection such as in Anabandana's sale, all you need to do is get the horses inspected and vetted if you so wish.
Price is based on $5 per entry This can be cut in half colts or fillies only